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  1. shop steward


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    • 幫忙英文翻成中文吧(上).

      The employee, a union shop steward, was on her regularly scheduled day off at...做然後申請一個委屈。 On the day in question, the union shop steward, in a conference call with the three employees. said...

    • 職業類的英文,男女不同??

      steward (飛機上)男服務員, stewardess (飛機上)女服務員 host 主人, 旅館老板; hostess 女主人, 旅社女...25 補充: barber 理髮師應該是男女通用的, 理髮店就叫做 barber shop,如果要強調是女的理髮師,就叫 female barber 2009-08-24 02:55...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文履歷表~~急!拜託了,20點!

      ...heartily, bring everybody, this it is I that want to work as reason of steward. In four year such as university, no matter join goodwill service team or take on shop assistant of convenience store, all set up and serve " people " in common point...