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    • 誰可以幫 我把 這首詩 ( 時間的河.....)翻成 英文

      很榮幸認識同學翻譯如下,請參考The river of time, wash and don't walk to precipitate of recollection, let go of the anchor man of the memory in think of of the season, let to remember fondly to pull in to shore.Pass my wish lightly敬祝學業猛晉達達 敬上

    • 幾句英文句子大概在說些什麼呢(急)

      這特別的文字"passport"(拆開想, pass port 即是穿越港口)就能說明一切。 就忘了船與海岸吧~ passport 是用來打開每座城市大門高牆的鎖匙。 曾經"passport"這詞也具有代表性的意義-防護與援助-是掛保證的啦!

    • 急~~~~誠徵英文高手~~翻譯大師協助

      ...enjoy surfing because it’s great to feel the wind and pass through the waves. What I especially like... as I could so that the pretty girls on the shore would have noticed me. Yet, the ...