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  1. shore up

    • vt.
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      (以支柱等)支撐 shore up the side of an old house to stop it falling down 支撐舊屋牆壁以防倒塌 She used this evidence to shore up her argument. 她用該證據來支持自己的論點。
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      ...使用 lean against the wall: wall當against受詞,所以是介係詞 2. to wash up onto the shore:,up無受詞,當副詞使用。而onto the shore按第1.項說明,onto是介係詞,其中 shore當...

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      ...equivalent of US$400 per family that Gadhafi pledged in a bid to shore up public loyalty. 這句話什麼意思呀看不懂? 立比亞人在銀行外排隊 要求領取...

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