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  1. short

    • IPA[ʃɔːt]



    • adj.
    • adv.
    • n.
      short circuit;電影短片
    • vi.
      short circuit
    • vt.
      short circuit
    • 過去式:shorted 過去分詞:shorted 現在分詞:shorting

    • 名詞複數:shorts

    • 比較級:shorter 最高級:shortest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 短的 a short dress 短裙 to cut sth. short 把某物剪短
    • 2. 矮的 he's rather short in stature 他個頭很矮 short and stocky 矮壯的
    • 3. 短暫的 we met in the street and had a short conversation 我們在街上碰面後聊了幾句 he gave a short speech of welcome 他發表了簡短的歡迎講話
    • 4. 不足的 it was mid-summer, and water was very short 時值仲夏,水源緊缺 time is getting short 時間越來越少
    • 5. 簡略的 to be short for sth. 是某事物的簡寫 UN is short for United Nations UN是United Nations的縮寫
    • 6. 生硬無禮的 to be short with sb. 對某人簡慢
    • 7. 簡短的 short and to the point 言簡意賅的 in short 簡而言之
    • 8. 發音時間短的 a short vowel/syllable 短元音/短音節
    • 9. 空頭交易的 a short contract/bill of exchange/position 空頭交易合同/空頭交易票據/空頭 a short seller 賣空者
    • 10. 鬆脆的


    • 1. 突然 to bring or pull sb. up short 使某人突然停下
    • 2. 空頭交易地 to sell short 賣空


    • 1. short circuit
    • 2. 電影短片
    • 3. 少量烈酒


    • 1. short circuit


    • 1. short circuit


    1. measuring a small distance from end to end

    2. (of a person) small in height

    3. lasting or taking a small amount of time

    4. relatively small in extent

    5. in insufficient supply

    6. (of a person) terse; uncivil

    7. (of pastry) containing a high proportion of fat to flour and therefore crumbly


    「1. measuring a small distance from end to end」的反義字

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