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  1. short of

    • ph.
      少於, 不及, 未達到;缺少, 不足
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    • ph.
    • 1. 少於, 不及, 未達到

      still two years short of graduation 離畢業還有兩年

      He was still some way short of the bridge. 他離大橋還有一段路要走。

    • 2. 缺少, 不足

      We did not buy anything because we were short of money. 我們沒有買任何東西, 因為我們缺少錢。

    • 3. 除...外

      Short of calling a meeting, they don't know how they can get their plan approved. 除非召開會議, 否則他們真不知道他們的計劃怎麼才能獲准。

      Short of a miracle, we're certain to lose now. 除非出現奇跡, 不然我們現在是輸定了。


    少於, 不及, 未達到


    「少於, 不及, 未達到」的反義字

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