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  1. short of breath

    • ph.
      panting; short-winded
  2. 知識+

    • all的用法

      After (all) that running, he was short of breath. all 全部的、所有的 〈形容詞〉 在此句中,all 是強調用的,所以不寫也...

    • 句子的架構解釋

      ...06:19 補充: After all that (he was) running, he was short of breath. 相同的主詞可以省略, 2014-03-15 22:31:38 補充: 抱歉,after在此不像是連接詞...

    • 醫囑(已經大概翻了一下)

      1,general weakness and short of breath for 5 days 全身無力且呼吸急促 5天了 2.and old stroke and regularly RUL and RLL 右肺上葉及右肺下葉有浸潤現象 4.mild enlargement of lower paratracheal,subcarinal. and right hilar. lymph node. no obvious filling...