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    short of the mark

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    • 有關expectation的單複數用法?

      ...short 是什麼意思? to fall short of xxx = 未達xxx The arrow fell short of the mark. =箭未射及靶。 The result fell short of our epetations...

    • 最高級文法

      ...比較,所以句中會用到 of the three, 意為這三者中: Tom is 150cm. Mark is 154cm. Peter is 160 cm Tom is the shortest of the three. Tom是三人中最矮的 Peter is the tallest...

    • Quotation marks or punctuation

      ... Shirley Jackson's short story, "The Lottery". 4. Did Jack... to the newsstand he said, for a copy of the newspaper. 7. "You 're out of...