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  1. shortly

    • IPA[ˈʃɔːtli]



    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • adv.
    • 1. 不久

      shortly beforehand/afterwards 之前/之後不久

      shortly before/after lunch 午飯前/後不久

    • 2. 馬上

      she'll be back shortly 她馬上就回來

      volume four will be published shortly 第四卷很快就會出版

    • 3. 簡短地

      a letter shortly outlining the proposals 一封簡要說明提案內容的信

    • 4. 沒好氣地
  2. 知識+

    • 請選出與劃底線字適當的答案

      發生不幸車禍的男子由於傷重,不久後死去  (B) shortly   shortly 圖片參考: ]  ad. (副詞 adverb)1. 立刻,馬上,不久She's going to New York shortly.她不久將去紐約。

    • 文法.時態是否正確?

      ...someone say I was bad while I was in the restroom. 4. Shortly before I ... (在我...不久前,...) Shortly before I went...

    • 這兩題英文文法~該怎麼改會比較好?

      ... had gone to bed. The phone rang. A: shortly after B: not long after C: short time after Shortly after...