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  1. should

    • IPA[ʃʊd]



    • aux.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 應該 you shouldn’t drink and drive 不應該酒後駕車 he should have been more careful 他本應該再小心一點兒的
    • 2. I should resign if I were you 如果我是你的話,我就辭職不幹了 she recommended that I should take some time off 她建議我休息一段時間
    • 3. 應該會 the parcel should arrive today 包裹應該今天到 I should have finished the book by Friday 到星期五我應該能讀完那本書
    • 4. 本應 it should be snowing now, according to the weather forecast 按天氣預報的說法,現在本該下雪才是 the bus should have arrived ten minutes ago 公共汽車10分鐘前就該到了
    • 5. if they didn't invite me, I should be offended 要是他們沒邀請我的話,我會生氣的 we should never have succeeded without you 要是沒有你,我們絕不會成功
    • 6. 假如 if you should (ever) change your mind, do let me know 你(一旦)改變主意的話,一定要告訴我 should anyone call, please tell them I’m busy 如果有人打電話來,請告訴他我正忙著
    • 7. 竟然 it's sad that he should object 令人遺憾的是,他竟然會反對 I find it astonishing that he should be so rude to you 我很吃驚,他居然對你這樣無禮
    • 8. 真該 you should hear her play the cello! 你真該聽聽她拉大提琴!
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    • should,would,could

      should: v.aux. 1. (shall的過去式,表示過去將來)將 We hoped that we should be able to do that. 我們希望我們能這樣做。 2. (表示...6. (表示感情,意志等)竟然會;應該 I'm sorry it should be this way. 很遺憾,事情竟會是這個樣子。 It...

    • should??should??

      should the committee grant the final approval 要正確解讀,需要完整的前後文,不過從 should 和 grant 的位置來看,這是倒裝,因為助動詞 should 離開動詞 grant,被提到 the...

    • should萬一的問題

      1. 這是我造的句子 Should I go abroad, I might not so ordinarily/usually...吧. 這句對嗎? 是要用ordinarily?還是usually? 應該寫成: Should I go abroad, I might not contact my...