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    should have done sth

    • ph.
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    • It is time的文法

      ... were in bed, It's long past their bedtime. (sb should have done sth already or started it. We often use the structure it's time to criticize...

    • prefer to的文法及句子翻譯對錯

      ...會見我們。 2009-03-27 16:40:24 補充: 7. prefer [sb] to do [sth] : 意為“寧願讓某人做某事”。例如: I...你們下星期抽出點時間來看看我們的畫展。 We should have preferred each new student to take a science course...

    • malign在這裡 翻譯成 漫罵一通 ,OK嗎??

      ... ashamed because you have donesth that you know is wrong or have not done sth that you should have done:I feltguilty about not visiting my parents more...