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  1. shoulder harness


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    • shoulder harness要怎麼翻呢?

      her shoulder harness 就是綁在她肩膀上的挽具狀帶子或安全帶She said sharply as she yanked at her shoulder harness 她嚴厲地說著 同時猛拉著綁在她肩膀上的挽具狀帶子

    • 可否幫翻英~~報告急用

      ... been still extended from covered cup reason to the shoulder harness all the time specially, in addition, the crape pleat and beautiful on slice are ...

    • 中翻英翻譯:請幫忙中文翻譯英文三句~~20點

      ...should dress, but please take off and don't wear while sleeping. 2.The shoulder harness should not be too tight, the position to do the mark can't change . 3.Please...