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    • 英文shout的用法

      ...不管是歡樂,驚恐或害怕的喊叫都可以用這個字. loud call or cry, speak or cry out in a loud voice. He shouted with pain 他痛得大叫. a shout of joy歡樂的呼聲, a shout of alarm 驚恐的喊叫...

    • 波浪舞的英文要怎說

      make wave a form of cheering often used by sports fans in the stadiums where people sequentially stand up, raise their hands, shout out loud and then sit down.

    • 中文翻譯成英文,謝謝~

      ...'m tired, very tired... Now I just want to shout out loud, ''Fxxx the world! Just treat me fairer, okay...