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  1. show business

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    • 五角的歌P.I.M.P.裡面的一小段歌詞

      ...t got to = I don't have to There's no business like show business 是一個 1954 年的電影 (, 也有同名的歌 (http://en...

    • 翻譯3句英文的句子(翻譯就可以了)

      不知道要翻譯英文還是中文= = write-->writer(作者) show business 演藝圈 greatlt-->greatly(非常) 2.這個作者的新書影響80年代人們看待演藝圈...

    • 英文翻成中文(急需)

      ... father is the most important person who was support her show business. Maria says her father is a strict person, but he ...