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    • 超級名模生死鬥的文章翻譯~20點

      ... been broadcasted for a long time. It is a talent-search show, and is makes those girls who joined this competition become...

    • 請幫我翻譯一大段英文..

      ...必須學會保養,才會有好人緣。 Once upon a day, he found a magazine in his house, and it showed that guys also need to dress up and keep fit; in order to have good relations with others...

    • 急!中文章翻英文!

      ...用有點悲憤的口氣表達生女兒是天使的恩惠,也是惡魔的禮物,他會帶給你快樂,也會夾雜許多憂愁, In the show, the grieving father sang about her daughter, an angel's blessing, but at the same time a...