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  1. show one's face

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    • 1. 露面 She never showed her face again. 她再也沒有露過面。
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    • 中翻英!20點!

      [As play shows go climax time] [A faint smile on one's face] [Espousal]

    • 請問一些片語的中譯以及例句

      ... smiled for the first time that evening. 21 to one's face (當面...) E.g. Don't show your face on my property again. 23 a great deal of (大量的) E...

    • 英文段落翻譯!! 幫幫忙感恩 friendships be as meaningful as face-to-face ones? 是否網友可以像是面對面的朋友一樣重要...了2000份在美國的資料。 The results showed that more than 40 percent of participants feel...