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  1. show one's teeth

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    • 可以幫我翻譯這篇文章嗎?(英翻中) 謝謝!

      ...identical. Laughter has been shown in studies to relieve stress, increase energy... to the Management of the Teeth裡,Parmly醫師強調牙齒跟牙齦都需要經常性...

    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ...a tooth with a fine-tooth comb fight tooth and claw be long in the tooth 8. pull sb's leg give sb a leg up have a leg up on sb break a leg show a leg 9. put your hand in your pocket put your...

    • 幫忙造一下英文句子

      ...birthday present. 她給我一個娃娃當生日禮物 19. I go to bed after brushing my teeth. 我刷完牙後睡覺 20. Show me the way you cook dinner. 給我看你怎麼煮晚餐 21. She's a kind person. 她是...