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  1. show one's true colours

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    • 有關 color 的片語

      ...colors: 掛羊頭賣狗肉 its true colors: 看清 (事物的) 真相 show one's true colors: 露出真面目 stick to one's colors: 堅持自己的立場 (主張)

    • 急.~~會英文的人可否幫我翻一下

      ...愛國者。 (true-blue (adj. 形容詞) -- completely loyal and faithful) 4. When in danger many of us show our true colors. 當處於危境時,我們很多人會露出本性。 5.English is peppered with for-eign...

    • 請英文達人幫幫我翻這兩句的英文~~help!! 10點

      ...the classroom, one is marked "true," and the other is marked... line, they should look at the color pictures the teacher shows and listen to the statement.  If the statement...