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    • Show more affection for幫我翻譯這句話

      ... Austen)所寫的經典愛情小說《傲慢與偏見(Pride and Prejudice)》,整句話為: In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection than she feels. (大多數的女孩都是心裡只愛一分,卻能顯出...

    • 請幫我校英文短稿,謝謝(20)

      ... in the 18th century. Pride and Prejudice is interesting and classical in this age...and Mr.Darcy’s love story. It shows THAT THE TWO OF ...

    • 英文文法檢查

      ... me to read "Pride and Prejudice". Unfortunately, I do not like...daily basis. The movie "Pride and Prejudice" is full of talented actors who well...