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  1. show someone/something off

    • ph.
      display or cause others to take notice of someone or something that is a source of pride
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      滴答作響组成一愚鈍的天的片刻您浪費并且浪費小時用一個手方式非正式讨论在一块场地在您的家乡等待某人或某事顯示您方式 疲倦於在待在家裡的陽光下觀看雨您是年輕的,并且生活長期是,并且有时候今天然后殺害您發現十年在您之後有的一天没人告诉您跑,您什么时候錯過了开始的...

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      ...pick my heart up off the floor And when... I'm showing you the door 喔,不過... I need someone to hold me ...'ll wait for something more Yes I...

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      ... to help." "Trying to help", instead of picking on someone or showing off, is exactly the spirit that I respect.