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  1. show someone the door

    • ph.
      dismiss or eject someone from a place
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    • 有想像力的英文高手可以幫忙一下嗎?????

      ... feet. 拖延時間 Show some the door. 攆人出門/解雇 →應是Show someone the door Speed it up. 加快速度 Chill out. 冷靜點 Getting to someone...

    • 請教英文翻譯-這篇文章

      ...and dogs for example 讓我們拿貓跟狗來舉例 A dog barks to show there is someone at the door of your house 狗會叫是因為有人來到你家門口 But a cat ...

    • 請幫我翻出最接近的中文意思^^

      ...hate you. 走開,不要管我,我討厭你 3. Someone is knocking the door.Can you answer it? 有人正在敲門耶... new here. Let me show you around. 你是新來的,讓我帶你四處逛逛...