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    show indifference to sth.

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    • ph.
      在某事物上有...成果 All those years of hard work, and nothing to show for it! 苦幹了那麼多年, 卻拿不出成績來! I have only got £100 to show for all the stuff I sold. 我賣了那麼多東西, 只得到區區100英鎊。
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    • show... to...的文法

      show [sb] to [sb] : 帶領某人去見某人 show [sth] to [sb] : 將某物展示給某人 Please show ___ to...06-28 14:10:38 補充: To Louis大師 show [sb] to [sb] 看這個網頁的最下端: http://www.shakespeares...

    • 有些英文片語麻煩高手解釋一下意思

      across the board包括一切的,全面的skip school逃學/缺課indulge in沉溺於; 縱情享受show concern about sth表示對某事的關注artificial limb義肢set out to do sth 決定, 打算, 著手做...raise funds集資

    • 請問不管好壞的英文應該怎麼說

      ...whatever the situatino is, or sb should certainly do sth. 而whether是指used to show that sth is true in either of two cases. 因為,句子所指有可能情況是很好...