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    • 英文題目~麻煩英文高手達人

      ...所以選(A) 3. Both fast and slow movements can be shown by the positions of the character’s legs and arms. 藉由人物的手腳姿態,快與...

    • 焊接圖面內容翻解

      ...heat input of the first pass welding and 0.6 kJ/mm heat input of the second, third and forth passes welding. Fig. 15 shows the driving forces are bigger than the material resistance...

    • 請問"轉軸驅動, 行進波, 傾斜邊轉" 的英文翻譯? 20點

      ...for the dynamic simulation about the screw position of the shaft-driven point, it shows that the screw position of the shaft-driven point is not totally fix, but has the property...