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    • 請高手告訴我這句英文的中文意思

      We show {that hard evidential updates (in which the premises of a proof are found to be true) force the conclusions of the proof to be true with probability one},regardless...

    • 英文克漏字填空 bad還是true?

      .... But this doesn't have to be ____for you. Research shows there are some things you can... age. 填空題: (A)bad (B)true正解給B 可是為什麼不能選A...

    • 梁山伯與茱麗葉I want English Lyric

      ...千言萬語裏 只有一句話能表白我的心 Only one from countless words will show my heart to be true. 卓:千言萬語裏 只要一句話就 Only one from countless words will...