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    • 基礎文法相關 20點

      ...(每兩年)等等的字眼,就要選 is held。 A tour of showroom houses is held at surise court every year. Usually...

    • 關於英文句型分析

      ...basis才是SC(主詞補語)。 >May we suggest that you visit our showrooms in Los Angeles where >you can see a wide range of units...

    • 請英翻中兩句 20點 感念及感恩 急 (基督徒尤佳)

      ... admired the bright blue one ( in the dealer's showroom )for a long time} whenever she passed the dealer's...2010-12-22 17:54:54 補充: 漏翻了"in the dealer's showroom " 1.有好長一段時間,每當她經過那家經銷店(OR...