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  1. shred

    • IPA[ʃred]



    • n.
    • vt.
      撕碎; 切碎
    • 過去式:shredded 過去分詞:shredded 現在分詞:shredding

    • 名詞複數:shreds

    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. 細條

      shreds of paper 碎紙片

      to hang in shreds 一條條掛著

    • 2. 些許

      shred of sth. 一點點某物

      there isn't a shred of evidence against her 沒有絲毫不利於她的證據

    • vt.
    • 1. 撕碎; 切碎

      shredding attachment 粉碎裝置

  2. 知識+

    • 請問 shred mish 是甚麼意思

      shred mish 是 細片mish shred當動詞有切成條狀;切絲 的意思 n.則可當碎片,碎條;破布的...少量;些許;少量剩餘[S1][(+of)] 02.There isn't a shred of truth in that statement. 那種說法一點也不符合事實。 vt. 切成...

    • 請問可以幫我把歌詞翻譯成英文嗎?謝謝!

      Shredded Love (A-Mei) One who has a change of heart, breaks promises...nothing and just reflect on my own Finally I break free from love My love is shredded and let blown to the ocean So many things, so much clearer washed by ...

    • English problems for ''chop..”

      他說得不錯 chop: 比較大力的感覺... 比較像"剁".. 用在切/砍大東西上.. 不一定是食物 cut: 普通的"切"... 哪裡都可以用.. slice: 切片.. dice: 切小塊.. 比較常用再切食物上 shred: 撕碎.. 像shred the paper...