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    shrinking violet

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    • violet sky 問其意思 (諺語?俚語?)

      violet 有別的涵意 Violet : 害羞 A shrinking violet is a shy person who doesn't express their views and ...

    • 翻一下喔~英文

      ...昆】 (各種)紫羅蘭色小蝴蝶 6. )【人】 〔1171〕腆[內向]的人 《例句》shrinking violet. 4.WHEAT n. ( 名詞 noun ) 【物】 小麥 ( barley, rye ) 《例句》 (as...

    • Gram-positive & Gram-negative

      ...cell wall, closing the pores as the cell wall shrinks during dehydration. As a result, the the diffusion of the..., there exists a period during which the crystal violet-iodine complex is effectively removed from the...