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    shut in

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    • eyes stuck shut in morning

      eyes stuck shut in the morning (這個the不能省略) stuck shut 黏住緊閉 這兩個過去分詞連在一起, 第一個詞性轉為副詞修飾第二個. My eyes were stuck shut in the morning. 早上起床時我眼皮黏住睜不開眼睛.

    • 中文翻英文~ 急!! 20點必送

      ... because of stole the bread to shut in the jail, after jail release, also suffered because... stolen the bread, but is actually shut finally in the jail 19 years, this might see at that time in...

    • 其下列英文字的不同之處

      ...但是個用動作來表示的形容詞, 使自己(某人)和他人隔離 forlorn=有無人照顧的意思 shut-in=自閉 lonely=孤獨 solitary=獨居和喜歡自己孤獨的意思