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  1. shutter speed


    • n.
      the nominal time for which a shutter is open at a given setting.
    • noun: shutter speed, plural noun: shutter speeds

  2. 知識+

    • hellooo

      ...on a fixed axis and take multiple shots that overlap-use the same focus, shutter speed, and aperture settings 在固定的水平線上平行旋轉,在不同的角度照相...

    • 英翻中 越口語越好 15點

      ...知道該注意哪裏 2.what might a picture come out blurry? =>when you choose a very slow shutter speed, and you don't use a tripod, then your photo may come our blurry...

    • 相機的說明書~原文英翻中....20點~

      您好: 1.開始時間顯示(為時隔計時器操作) 2.間隔計時器的時間顯示 3.開口顯示 4.曝光報償顯示(為自動曝光托) 5.數據版本記錄顯示 6.快速度顯示 7.月顯示 8.數據版本記錄作用顯示 9.數據印集合顯示 10.版本記錄電平指示器 11.間隔計時器作用顯示 12.間隔計時器集合顯示 13長期曝光...