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    • 請告訴我這些片語的意思 以及造句 THX

      ... down and went to pieces. 碗摔在地上碎成一地。 shy away from 厭惡 She shied away from the man. 她對那男人很厭惡。 3.(to be)prone to 容易.../常常... I am prone to weariness recently...

    • 麻煩您幫我翻譯以下英文的意思..

      ...08-13 01:49:19 補充: at first 1. 起初, 當初 At first I thought he was shy, but then I discovered he was just not interested in other people. 起初我還以為他很靦腆...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯英文句子

      I think boys are shy. 我覺得男生們很害羞。 One boy at my school likes my friend,Jill. 在我學校有一個男生喜歡我朋友,Jill. He looks at her all day...