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  1. sickroom

    • KK[ˋsɪk͵rum]
    • DJ[ˋsikru:m]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • 病房


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    • 超急件~~英文翻譯!!((+20

      1.為什麼當志工 因為親戚找的 Why do you want to be a volunteer? Because my relative ask me to be a volunteer. 2.當志工讓你學到什麼 更有包容心,比較不容易生氣 What have you learn as a volunteer? I learn to be more tolerate with other people , and will not get...

    • 急急急~~~拜託大家 幫我寫一偏 寫作英文的文章

      同學, 另一種驚嚇給你參考 An Unforgettable Experience Last month I spend my holidays in Thailand with my brother, we were happy and enjoy the water lifestyle, cheap food and good massage. Suppose to be this...