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    • side with each other 與其他用法的差別

      ...08-13 17:44:31 補充: 如果是 Both lampstands are side with each other. 與 Both lampstands are side by side. ,因為只有2個燈座,所以兩句意思都是「並排靠在一起」。

    • 有關敦煌New SIDE BY SIDE?!

      ... 全新發音及聽力的練習 ◎New ”Gazette” pages with feature articles,cross-cultural topics ,role playing,and e-mail...

    • 請問這一句英文要怎麼翻呢?萬分感激不盡!!

      If you started a race with a tiger, you would like to run.. 1)With the tiger side by side., or 2) In fornt of the tiger; or 3) After the tiger. 2009-06-11 09:07:58 補充: or 1) side by side with the tiger.