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    • 英文翻譯並解釋

      ... ropes which supported a stage slung over the side of a ship. 當一個乾船塢的老闆提供繩索來用支持懸掛在一艘船沿的工作台 The...

    • 急)幫我翻譯一下The Ship with Four Leg

      ... a camel moves, it sways from side to side like a ship on a wavy ocean. 當駱駝移動時, 它會像在波浪海洋中的一條船那樣兩邊搖擺著. Because of this swaying motion, the camel has ...

    • 急~請高手幫忙把這段中文翻譯成英文(20點)

      Come to have a shipping journey on the Seineif you...through most downtown areas of Paris. It ...swift.Buildings on either sides of Seine are magnificent...