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    • 淡水老街的英文介紹

      ...road widening and construction of the original red-brick sidewalks laid into the granite floor. Arts Festival 2004, freshwater, fresh water to the artist in the way of firing pottery in Old ...

    • 英文單字幫忙解一下

      ...queen 陌生人 stranger青少年adolescent 訪客visitor藝術家 artist生意人 廚師 chef牙醫師dentist 教授professor 美容師...飛機場airport 車站station 公路highway 高速公路 free way 人行道sidewalk 交通traffic 乘客 passenger停車場 stopping place 銀行bank...

    • 請問一句英文(99-特-46-2-7)

      Romans are passionately divided as to who makes the best cup: Sant Eustachio, steps behind the Pantheon, or Tazza d’Oro, a few feet in front of the Pantheon. 這句話的意思是: 羅馬人...