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    • 這段英文要如何翻譯??

      ... 但我從未想到我們會有這樣的結果。 I can"t believe the sigh of you 真不敢相信我會聽到你的嘆息聲(或是離開我時鬆了一口氣的聲音)。 I want you to stay away from my heart 我要你離的我遠遠的,不要再讓我對你動心。

    • 想請各位幫我看看文法對不對!

      A 改的地方: 1. (記住:標點符號問題 “,”不能當連接詞) 2. can + 動詞原形 3. a school 可數名詞 Mariah Carey was born on March 27th, 1970 in Long Island (New York). She graduated from a junior high school...

    • get to someone 的用法跟例句

      get to someone 意思很多. 有正面如瞭解. 找到. ...負面表達也可以如逮到. 整倒....看上下文來解釋. Have you ever been used to get to someone else? What's the meaning of 'to get to someone'? 'I've tracked down rapists...