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  1. sign on

    • ph.
      開始廣播; 簽到; 簽訂受僱合同;【英】【口】登記為失業的人
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    • ph.
    • 1. 開始廣播; 簽到; 簽訂受僱合同

      The firm signed on fifty more workers last week. 該公司上週增僱了五十名工人。

      Let's use a cheerful tune to sign on in the morning. 讓我們用一首歡快的曲子來開始早晨的廣播。

    • 2. 【英】【口】登記為失業的人


    開始廣播; 簽到; 簽訂受僱合同

    • n. 【廣播】開播

    • ph. 【口】簽署文件等(如購買某物)

    • Just sign on the dotted line and the car is yours. 你只需簽署這份文件, 這輛汽車就是你的了。

    • ph. 在虛線上簽名,全部接受

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    • ph. 在虛線上署名,全部接受

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    • ph.
    • He signed on as a sailor. 他簽約受僱為船員。


    • ph.
    • He signed on as a sailor. 他簽約受僱為船員。
    • vi.
    • to sign on for sth. 報名參加某活動

      I've signed on for the French course 我報名上法語課了

    • vt.
    • ph.

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  2. 知識+

    • Sign on/in a form?

      sign on the Form =the information is available on the Form ABC/DEF. You should be written onto it. on is the preposition.

    • 一位美國前大法官的話,求譯~?

      1.) sign on to 後,可接 i) 原型V. 或是 ii) Ving,那該如何 an organized activity • [ + to infinitive ]: I've signed on to help at the school fair. 不定詞指 (in order) to V 為了去執行...

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