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  1. gene silencing

    • n.
      the switching off of the expression of a gene, for example by the introduction of an antisense RNA that blocks translation of the messenger RNA.
    • noun: gene silencing

  2. 知識+

    • silence.silent的差別(20點)

      silence 寂靜,沉默 是偏向環境,氛圍的安靜狀態. 有名詞,及物動詞的使用. silent 無聲的,寂靜的,沉默寡言... 是形容詞 用來形容人的個性,用 silent.

    • Then Silence的中文翻譯歌詞

      ...已發生的事無力挽回 forgive me it's over 原諒我 一切都已結束 and silence 悄無聲息 so you say you love's goodbye 所以你說了最後的告別 and leave...

    • 沉默是金的英文

      應該是兩者都可以 silence is gold 原句是 Speech is silver; silence is gold. 能...see someone cry? Oh! Especially when someone is her *Silence is golden But my eyes still see Silence ...