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  1. silent treatment


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    • (請問:誰會以下英翻中 請勿用網路字典!20點!!)

      ...big fight." the man replied."So she's givinf me the silent treatment. She told me she won't speak to me for a...

    • 一個信件 中文 翻譯成 英文

      ...ethnic bias, Administration is not neutral, Under long-term treatment in this uneven game, We are not silent, we should protest, Does not apply to any proposal to replace the gameadministrator...

    • This one deserves a 'wow.'

      ...and published. Yet, everybody keeps silent and let media do what they want. This ... least, we shall find the truth and give him a fair treatment. Not just a "莫須有", or "皇帝要您...