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  1. silica gel


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    • 矽膠枕頭的英文叫法與材質說法

      矽膠記憶泡棉 的英文是: Silica gel memory foam 2006-02-03 19:44:36 補充: 關於記憶...會被人誤解為 PU膠記憶泡棉, 所以一定要用 Silica Gel Memory Foam (或是 Silica...

    • 矽膠的架橋劑,英文如何說~

      ... rubber crosslinking agent for silica rubber crosslinking agent of silica rubber 矽膠 silica gel silicone rubber silicone gel silica rubber 架橋劑 crosslinking agent...

    • 翻譯~~關於論文摘要..麻煩各位了

      ...extremely tiny to cohere pharmaceutical mix moist, mix course control more than parameter fully with silica gel liquid while being difficult, therefore influence surface thick liquid and quality stability...