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    • 請翻譯產品介紹的功能特色~勿用翻譯軟體 謝謝~20點

      ... you the most flexibility and control over your network possible. By simply connecting to the server computer from any other station with AllegroSurf installed...

    • go hungry 怪怪的

      ...just about the same. 2014-05-26 21:40:54 補充: As a linking verb, it simply connects the subject and adjective, so the verb itself is NOT important as far...

    • 翻譯一下~3

      Poincare 推測家/ 千年獎問題/ poincare 推測 如果我們在一個蘋果的表面周遭伸展一條橡皮筋, 然後我們能透過緩慢地移動它把它縮小到一個點,沒有撕破它和沒有允許它留下表面。 另一方面,如果我們想像相同的橡皮筋已經設法被在一個炸面圈周遭朝著合適的方向伸展, 然後...