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  1. simultaneously

    • KK[saɪməlˋtenɪəslɪ]
    • DJ[saiməlˋteiniəsli]


    • adv.
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    • 英文單字翻譯及造句(急)20點 going to have a council of Agriculture. simultaneously :同時發生的----These two aiccdent were in...進行一個農業會議 These two aiccdent were in simultaneously 這兩件意外發生在同一個時間 Please speak in...

    • 請問英文片語

      ...have to go out for about an hour, and in the meantime you may want to review that chapter. simultaneously 是"同步的" e.g. The systme can simultaneously process different ...

    • 正在看企管原文書,請幫忙翻譯問這句,謝謝 !

      Simultaneously, the company's major overseas subsidiaries and marketing ...