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    • 句子翻譯 英文-繁體中文 >>20點<急>

      ... the spring. 冬天愈寒冷,春天則會愈暖和。 2.The deeper the sorrow,the more our hearts sing. 悲傷愈深沉,心則愈益歌唱。 3.After the rain,the sun will reappear....

    • 請問如何把以下這段話翻成英文?

      Without you sang by Mariah Carey from her album. This... left by her loved man and felt sorrow. She decided to tell her feeling...

    • 誰能幫我中翻英歌舞青春報告?

      ...only graduation ceremony everybody expresses with the singing sound with the dance graduates joyful and not the shed In the story will have the laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness to look several times will not have between...