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    • two single beds=double bed?

      a double bed = a bed for two people two single beds = 兩張單人床 twin beds = 兩張床 (床的大小... Learners 2007 edition p.1615 twin beds: two separate beds in the same bedroom, often close...

    • 可不可以給我所有飯店裡面會用到的單字

      *Types of Rooms房間類型~Single bed 單人床~Double bed 雙人床~Twin... 會議設施 Cribs (infant beds) available (available提供) 嬰兒床 Elevator...

    • 幫忙編個小劇本(20點)

      ... is ~Mr. and Mrs Smith room for one with a single bed. (F):What!? That's not right!We booked a double...