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    • 請幫我把下列有關經濟的文章翻成英文~~

      ...series of regional monetary stability and economic integration schemes, and to establish a single currency for the purposes of economic and Monetary Union, in order...

    • 英文字義題 (急問)

      ...time to consider the pros and cons of a single currency. 我們有足夠時間來想想單一貨幣的利與弊。 (a... and cons: 事物的利與弊;支持與反對 *single currency: 單一貨幣 *legal tender: 合法競標 (tender=bid) *sufficient...

    • 請英翻中Some 329 million people in

      ...on a daily basis. 有三億二千九百萬人之多在歐元區每天使用歐元 Using a single currency lets them realize many benefits,including price stability...