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    • 翻成英文好難喔,達人們,麻煩你們了!

      One. The single-parent family meets the difficulty using the community resources   (1...actually obviously insufficient.   (3) each county city is various regarding single-parent family's subsidy project.   (4) single-parent family has the multiple weak...

    • 我寫這樣對不對,麻煩幫我看一下,謝謝達人~

      The study of how single-parent family of pupil uses community resources ...researcher goes with a semi-construct questionnaire to interview the single parents with children studying in elementary schools...

    • 什麼是"single-family"?

      ...和公寓屋(CONDOS)等形式。 2005-12-12 07:45:49 補充: 單親家庭(single-parent family) 2005-12-12 07:47:24 補充: single parent family,就是我們說的“單親家庭...