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    a single woman

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    • every single time

      ...every day [每一天]every single moment = every moment [每一個時刻]那, 猜猜看 every single woman = every woman 嗎??這時候就不是了~~ 放在男人或女人前面, single就回復成 "...

    • 麻煩幫忙修改一下我自己寫的英文...感恩

      A single woman just moved into a new house. She found a poor family lived.... One day evening, the power failure occured . The woman lighted the candle. Later, she heard someone knocking...

    • 副詞文法~ alone、 lonely?

      ...部份名詞加 ly 是形容詞而非副詞,例如 lovely,friendly,lonely ----- 2. The single woman lives ( alone) . 因為live是不及物動詞,所以後接副詞alone 句型:...