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  1. sink in

    • ph.
      被理解; 被理會; 被聽進去;滲入
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    • 1. 被理解; 被理會; 被聽進去 He said nothing; he stood without moving, while the news sank in. 他什麼話也不說, 一動不動地站著, 他明顯地感到這新聞的分量。 It took a week for it to sink in that his mother had died. 大約過了一個星期, 他才會意過來他母親已經死了。
    • 2. 滲入 If the ink sinks in, it'll be hard to remove the spot from the cloth. 如果墨水滲入布料, 就很難把污跡洗去。 Rub the cream on your skin and let it sink in. 把這種軟膏搽在皮膚上, 讓它滲進去。


    被理解; 被理會; 被聽進去


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