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    • 求英文對話翻譯!!!急

      ...你請坐(b坐下之後說)要喝些什麼呢? Yeah! And it won't get damp anymore!! Please sit down(after 'b' sits down) What would you like to drink ? a水就可以了謝謝 Just water, ...

    • 求這英文笑話的中文翻譯~20點

      ... impossible to fix) 低維修費用(幾乎不可能修好) Fax me the data. (I'm too lazy to write it down.) 傳真給我資料(太懶寫下來) 2007-04-09 21:09:56 補充: We are following the standard! (That...

    • 請幫我口語化的翻譯還有文化問題,謝謝!20感恩

      ...34:53 補充: 如果想請他坐著等,不要說 You sit here and wait. 要說 Would you like to sit here while... you'll find another escalator to take you a floor down. Hang a right after stepping off it and you...