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    sit light on

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    • 商用英文選字1

      ...button on Al's phone was blinking. The message light on Al's phone was blinking. 7.He sat down at/in his desk/chair. All are fine. He sat...

    • 英翻中,請幫我看Miley on Oprah....這段對話

      ...女兒說的那樣子啦 Miley: The lights were off, the lights were on, you were sitting there with a dog watching. Miley:那些燈本來是關著的耶,後來又...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文句子! 急

      ... going to miss this. 這段日子不會有什麼讓我留戀的 I sat up the whole night with the lights on. 我整晚開著燈坐著 I don’t know why I kept ...