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  1. sit tight

    • ph.
      穩住; 留在原處;不採取行動; 不屈服
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    • 1. 穩住; 留在原處 All the others ran away, but I sat tight. 別人都跑了, 但我在原地沒動。 If your car breaks down, just sit tight and wait for the police to come along. 如果你的車子拋錨, 就留在原處不動, 等警察來。
    • 2. 不採取行動; 不屈服 Everyone disagreed, but the chairman sat tight until all the members accepted the plan. 沒有人同意, 但是主席堅定不移, 一直等到所有成員接受這個計劃。 She threatened us with dismissal if we didn't agree, but we all sat tight. 她威脅說若我們不同意就把我們解僱, 但大家都沒理會。
    • 3. 耐心等待; 靜待事態的發展 Due to the blizzard, we had to sit tight at the airport for a day. 由於暴風雪來襲, 我們不得不在機場耽擱一天, 靜觀事態的發展。 Dad told us to sit tight while he went back to find Mom. 爸回去找媽的時候, 他要我們耐心等待。


    穩住; 留在原處