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  1. sit up late

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      熬夜, 晚睡
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    • 1. 熬夜, 晚睡 I don't allow the children to sit up late. 我不允許孩子們熬夜。


    熬夜, 晚睡

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    • 英翻譯中文~~急需要~~快快幫我吧~~3Q

      1.It is not right for children to sit up late. 讓小孩們熬夜是不對的 2.The sight and sound of our jet ...

    • 英文use的文法

      ... to +原V (某物被用作~) eg. I am used to sitting up late. 我習慣熬夜。 eg. I used to sit up late.我過去經常熬夜。 eg...

    • [英文急救班]關於文法?

      ... used to the busy life now. He is used to sitting up late every day.他適應了每天熬夜的生活be used to V. 被用來做什麼...